Drone Lab Setup.

We provide entire lab setup of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) for research groups, engineering institutes, and private enterprises.

Over the years we have created a platform where new comers and professional can learn everything about drones.

Our systems are developed from the ground up and are powered by the most modern and reliable components available across the globe. Our drones are based on open source platforms, giving users the freedom to configure them the way they like it, making it a great platform for learning about drones.

©Bravehawk Aerospace.

All the drones that we provide in this package are indigenously designed and developed under the Make in India initative. They are specifically designed for industrial applications and industry oriented learning and training programs.


  • Basic concepts about drones.
  • Control logic and algorithm of a drone.
  • Mathematical model of a drone.
  • How to form an eco-system for drones.
  • How to assemble and program drones.
  • How to design drones.
  • Different industrial applications of drones.
  • Maintenance of drones.
  • And much more.

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