Welcome to Bravehawk Aerospace, where our passion for innovation takes flight. We're dedicated to revolutionizing the drone industry with locally-sourced, performance-driven components that surpass expectations. Join us as we soar to new heights, crafting the future of drone technology, one groundbreaking innovation at a time.

Our flagship model

Introducing our second-generation prototype, the Garud 700, featuring our meticulously crafted proprietary airframe design. Engineered from the ground up with indigenous innovation, our airframe delivers unparalleled strength and stability for smooth and precise flight performance. With collapsible arms for effortless transportation, our design sets a new standard for convenience and portability. Experience the epitome of aerial engineering with our innovative airframe, setting the benchmark for reliability and performance in every flight.


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Introducing the S-500.

S-500 is one of the smallest drone in our fleet. It serves the purpose of being an ideal testing platform where we can continue testing and trying our in-house developed flying algorithms and various features.


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